Logo for IFDC App Helping parents through their NICU journey in the ethos of family integrated care. Mobile phone showing the app.
Mobile phone showing the app.

Family Delivered Neonatal Care

by the Neonatal Team - Imperial College NHS, London

Welcome to our neonatal units! The neonatal team at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust is strongly committed with a shared vision to provide excellent, family-centred, caring and compassionate care for our premature and term babies and their families.

Our aim is to work in partnership with parents to create a consistent, nurturing environment where they feel engaged, enabled, educated and empowered as the primary caregivers to their baby. We believe parents are experts in their babies care.

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The IFDC App

Recording the steps of your journey

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Record your favourite memories to revisit your journey.

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Plot your Baby's growth on your own chart to see progress over time.

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Organise and track your expressing times and volumes.

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Skin to Skin

Visually document your skin-to-skin sessions with your Baby.

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Track your Baby's feeding journey while in the neonatal unit and after discharge.

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Memories and skin-to-skin sessions can be shared with family and friends.

Multiple Babies

Whether it's twins, triplets or even quadruplets! Track each of their journeys separately with support for multiple babies.

Share between Parents (ios)

Use your iCloud account to share your babies journey between devices and with another parent.

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Meet the Team
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